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Nimachen is a small village on the Silk Route circuit just 13 kms from Rongli and 14 kms from Zuluk , situated on a hill slope at 7800 ft and covered in dense forests . Throughout the year Nimachen experiences a very pleasant weather which makes the place more popular. If you are not used to biting cold and snowfall but want to experience the mesmerizing sunrise, excellent views and winding roads and valleys of this Silk Route, then staying at Nimachen could be a better choice.Nimachen has some of the best views of the valleys and forests of this part of Sikkim and Himalayan foothills. The forests around Nimachen support a wide variety of bird population and bird watchers would love to spend a few days here.

What to see:
From Namachen all the sight seeing spots can be covered in Silk Route.
A few kilometre's drive from Nimachen would take the tourists through a winding road to the Thambi view point, via Zuluk. The Thambi View Point at an altitude of 11,200 ft provides excellent sunrise view. The entire eastern Himalaya can be viewed from this spot.
Further ahead you will reach Lungtung at an altitude of 13,000 ft.. You may continue till you visit the Adi Baba Mandir and the Kalpokhri Lake. Further one may go up to Kupup and Memenchu Lake. Kupup is another army base and is known for the highest golf course in the world at an altitude of 13,500 ft. The Memenchu Lake is also known as the Hati Lake (Elephant lake) as the contours of the lake looks like an elephant from up the hills. The road further ahead connects with the famous Tsongo lake near Gangtok.

How to Reach:

NJP to Nimachen : 132 kms, 5-6 hours drive. Either one can reach Rangpo from NJP/Bagdogra and then proceed to Nimachen via Rongli or one can stay overnight at Aritar or Reshi khola or Sillery Gaon and proceed to Zuluk the next day. Same can be done during return journey or one can take the Nathula - Baba Mandir-Tssomgo Lake route and can stay at Gangtok. Permit : A trip to Zuluk requires special permits. The permits though would be arranged by us and as a guest you would only need to provide your id proof and 2 copies of passport size photograph.